1943 Battle of Midway


1943 Battle of Midway Arcade Game

The arcade game 1943, developed by Capcom, was released in 1987. It was essentially a sequel to the game 1942, which was released in 1984. This game was based around the Battle of Midway (World War II). The player flew around in a P-38 Lighting, and instead of having a number of lives to win or lose, the player had a limited amount of fuel. When the fuel ran out, the game was over. By destroying enemy formations, the player earned power ups which would provide more fuel and better weapons. Die hard fans might remember the cheat does, like the one where you could hold the fire button down and get full weapons. Controls were simple: A single joystick, a fire button, and a second button for special moves (like a roll).

1943 Battle of Midway Arcade Game Cabinet

Fans of the arcade game 1942 will remember that it too was based in the Pacific theatre, and that the goal of the game was to make it to Tokyo and blow up the entire Japanese fleet. There were a handful of 80's arcade games where your coin would last a while, and this was one of them.