Crackshot Arcade Game

Crackshot was an Exidy game released in 1987.  Fans of this game will remember that it was a shooting gallery game with a number of colorful stages, such as a Bar (pictured), Bank Robbers, Varmint Alley, a stage with birds, a stage with robots, and then for those who were really good, there was a bonus level that featured a slot machine.

Crackshot Arcade Game Cabinet

In Crackshot, players had a time limit to blast the correct targets before moving to the next stage.  Moving targets were more valuable than stationary targets, and some targets would actually reduce the player’s time limit if hit.  If the player successfully earned the correct number of points, they would advance to the next stage.  Some of you diehard Crackshot fans will remember the trick where you could hold the start button down and access a menu that would allow you to put your own name on the bar’s marquee.