Birdie King

Birdie King Arcade Game

Birdie King was a golfing game released by Taito in 1982. This was not one of those games that too many young people played, but instead was popular with intoxicated adults stuck at the bowling alley while their kids bowled.  With Birdie King, there could be one or two players, and ball control, including speed and trajectory, were controlled by a single track ball. In fact, other than the one or two player buttons, the track ball was the only other input. If you wanted the ball to travel a long ways and hook to the right, you would spin the ball faster and at the angle you wanted the ball to travel.  The game was popular enough to warrant a couple of follow-up games: Birdie King 2 was released in 1983, and Birdie King 4 in 1984.

Birdie King Arcade Game Cabinet