Boot Hill

Boot Hill 70's Arcade Game

Boot Hill was a 1977 arcade game released by Midway (there was another version called Gunman). Because it could still be found in at the arcade in the early 80's, it is one of the few 70's arcade games we include here. Boot Hill was a follow-up to the game Gun Fight (Western Gun), which was released in 1975. Both games featured a two- player, dueling mode. In Boot Hill, each player had two joysticks, one used to control the cowboy’s movement, and the other for aiming and firing his pistol. Gameplay was simple. The goal was to shoot your opponent before he could shoot you.

Boot Hill 70's Arcade Game Cabinet

Initially, the game began with a number of objects in the middle of the screen that separated the two players, such as cacti and wagons, which would fall apart as they were shot, ultimately leaving no cover by which to avoid the opponents bullets. Each player had a limited set of bullets, and when they were gone, if nobody was hit, the round ended.