Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs Plush 80's Toys

Fluppy Dogs was a Kenner 12" plush animal toy based on a Disney TV special, called Fluppy Dogs, that aired in 1986 on ABC.  It was Disney's plan to create a new animated TV series, but low ratings forced Disney to cancel their plan.  Never the less, they still managed to release a number of Fluppy Dog characters form the pilot.

There were five pastel colored dogs that, as the story went, came from some other dimension to grace the life of 10 year old Jaime.  Ultimately, the Fluppy Dogs searched for a way back to their universe while avoiding the evil Wagstaff.  Those of you who owned one of these stuffed dogs might also remember you could buy accessories, such as clothes (called Woof Wear), a dog bicycle, bones, a leash, and much more.