Puffalumps Plush 80's Toys

The Puffalumps were stuffed animals released by Fisher-Price in 1986.  The outside was a slick material and the inside was filled with a low-weight material.  There were lambs, mice, cows, elephants, lions, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, monkeys, rhinos, and many more.  Noah would have been proud.  The Puffalumps were popular enough to warrant a one episode, straight-to-video cartoon, called The Wild Puffalumps (1987).

As the years rolled on, Fisher-Price released different versions of the Puffalumps, such as the Puffalump Pets, Baby Puffalumps, Wild Puffalumps, Barnyard Puffalumps, etc.  There were even holiday themed Puffalumps for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  There was a number of accessories that went along with the Puffalumps, such as themed bedding, bags, books, etc.  In 2006, a re-boot of the line was attempted, but it was short-lived due to lack of interest.