Snugglebumms 80's Toys

Snugglebumms was a line of little rubbery PVC creatures created by Playskool.  The characters had names like Bumble, Papa Gently, Fondly, Baby Shyly, Flutter, Warmly, Happily, Gladly, Cutely, Mama Brightly, and Horny (not really this last one).  You could squeeze them like a dog toy or shake them and they would do thinks like squeak, giggle, or light up (depending on which one you had).  They came with big hair that could be brushed and accessorized.  The Snugglebumm toy line was not just relegated to the dolls, but also included a board game, puzzles, cake toppers, and a number of other things.  For example, there were SnugglePets, which were companions to the Snugglebumms, like the little dog-like creature named Trusty.