Sea Wees

Sea Wees 80's Toys

The Sea Wees, first released by Kenner in 1979, were little mermaid dolls (bath toys) with long hair to brush.  They each came with a little baby, a little pet (like a walrus, bear, bird, etc.), a comb, and a sponge that they could float in.  They had names like Sandy, Frosta, Shelly, Camille, Stormy, and Coral.  There were different varieties, such as the tropical themed Sea Wees Tropigals and the artic themed Sea Wees Icey Gals.  There were other accessories as well, such as a seashell lagoon.

Related to the Sea Wees were the Shimmers (released in the mid 80's by Kenner).  Some of the Shimmers had wings, and some were Centaurs (half-human, half-horse).  Like the Sea Wees, the Shimmers can with very long hair and their own brushes.