Wonder Whims

Wonder Whims 80's Toys

From the mid 80's, the Doug & Debby Henning's Wonder Whims plush dolls not only came in human form, but animal form as well (like Swoop the Owl, Abracazebra the zebra, and Rambuptious the ram).  They had plush bodies, plastic heads, and the non-animal dolls had Velcro hand claws.  They came with their own little book, some other item such as a kaleidoscope or wand, and were about 16 inches tall.  The dolls had names like Moonglow, Feather, Seashell, Raindrops, and Jadoo.  The dolls were meant to hand with their animal companions.  For example, Jadoo, who came with a wand, sat on Rambumptious the ram).