Poochie Plush 80's Toys

Poochie was a little, plastic dog character released by Mattel in the 1980’s.  Poochie was white, had pink ears, pink paws, huge pink hair, wore a heart necklace and  some very cool sunglasses.  The commercial jingle went “Who can fill the days with fun and laughter, Poochie, that’s it.  Who always gets what she goes after, Poochie, that’s it.”  Similar to Strawberry Shortcake, there were a number of accessories that went along with the Poochie line, such as the Poochie Notes ‘N Stuff, Glamour Nails, and the Overnighter kit.  These kits had stickers, notepads, envelopes, stamps, and tons of other Poochie themed items included.  Big fans of Poochie will even remember the cartoon special that showed Poochie doing amazing things, such as running a business (yes, Poochie could secretly talk with the aid of a sophisticated translator).