L.A. Guns

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L.A. Guns Hair Metal Band

L.A. Guns was initially formed in Los Angeles, in 1983, by a guitarist named Tracii Guns.  The original vocalist for the band was Axl Rose.  In 1985, L.A. Guns merged with a band called Hollywood Rose, to form the band Guns and Roses.  It wasn't long before tensions caused a split.  Traci Guns re-formed L.A. Guns and of course you know the Guns and Roses story. 

L.A. Guns released their self-titled album in 1988, which charted at 50 on the Billboard Top 200.  Many of you will remember the song "Electric Gypsy" from this album.  L.A. Guns met with greater commercial success with the 1989 platinum release, Cocked and Loaded, an album that included the hit song "The Ballad of Jayne."  This album charted at 38 on the Billboard Top 200.  During their heyday, Phil Lewis was the vocalist for the band.  Post 1980's, L.A. Guns has had an interesting history.  After a few reunions, Tracii Guns left the band in 2002.  The drummer of the band, Steve Riley, held a 50% legal stake in the name "L.A. Guns", thus two versions of the band emerged.  The Steve Riley/Phil Lewis version, and the Tracii Guns version with original members Nickey Alexander (original drummer) and Paul Black (original vocalist).

At the time of this writing, the L.A. Guns Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any L.A. Guns track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1988: L.A. Guns
  • 1989: Cocked & Loaded
  • 1991: Hollywood Vampires
  • 1994: Vicious Circle
  • 1996: American Hardcore
  • 1998: Wasted EP
  • 1999: Shrinking violet
  • 2001: Man in the Moon
  • 2002: Waking the Dead
  • 2011: Acoustic Gypsy Live