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Mass Hair Metal Band

Mass was a metal band from Boston, MA that formed in the early 1980’s as a band called “Axes”.  After changing their name to Mass, the band landed a record deal with A&M.  They had an album ready to release in 1982, but trouble with the label caused them to shelve the project.  In 1984, Mass self-produced an EP, and that EP sold well enough to catch the attention of RCA, who signed the band to a record deal.  The band released their first album, New Birth, the same year.  Some of you may remember the song “Do You Love Me” from this album that was played on MTV.  Thankfully, the un-released albums that had been created prior to the RCA deal were finally released years later. 

Mass was more a band full of Christians than a Christian band.  The band is not preachy with their lyrics, in the same way a band like Stryper and Barren Cross was, but instead in more subtle ways.  Given the fact that their 1989 album, Voices in the Night, was produced by Michael Sweet of Stryper, the Christian connection is more than implied.   Mass never really broke up, but instead went on hiatus for a time.  They did continue producing new materials in the 2000’s and 2010’s.  The Mass Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Mass track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1982: Fighter
  • 1984: Unchained
  • 1985: New Birth
  • 1988: Take You Home
  • 1989: Voices in the Night
  • 2000: Best Ones
  • 2007: Crack of Dawn
  • 2010: Sea of Black
  • 2010: A Very Merry X-Mass