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Starship Band

Starship (aka Jefferson Starship) was an American rock band whose roots can be traced back to a band called Jefferson Airplane in the early 1970's.  The band did not drop the "Jefferson" in their name until the mid 1980's.  As Jefferson Airplane was being disbanded in the early 1970's, a concept album called Jefferson Starship was created with a hodge-podge of veteran musicians (the group was known as Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra).  By 1973, the band's more permanent line-up had been solidified, and the band name Jefferson Starship was adopted.

Jefferson Starship's first official album with the new name was Dragon Fly in 1974.  The band had a number of Billboard and US Adult contemporary hits in the 1970's.  Some songs you may remember include "Miracles", "With Your Love", "Count on Me", "Runaway" and "Jane".  It did not stop there.  Hit songs in the early 80's, prior to the name change to Starship, include "Find Your Way Back", "Stranger", "Be My Lady", "Can't Find Love", "Winds of Change", "No Way Out", and "Layin' It on the Line".

In 1984, the last original member of the band Jefferson Airplane left Jefferson Starship, and the legal action resulted in the band having to change its name to Starship.  In 1985, Starship released the album Knee Deep in the Hoopla, which was a huge success.  You will probably remember the three hits from this album, "We Built This City" and "Sara", and "Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight". Their next release, No Protection, was also a success, featuring the hit songs "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", "It's Not Over ('Til It's Over)", and "Set the Night to Music".  Their last release of the 1980's, Love Among the Cannibals (1989), did not fair nearly as well, but did feature two charting songs:  "Wild Again" and "It's Not Enough".

Starship broke up in 1990.  There were a couple of spin-off bands as the years progressed, such as Starship featuring Mickey Thomas, Jefferson Starship the Next Generation, and later back to Jefferson Starship.  The continued activity ultimately culminated in a new tour and a new album (It's Not the Same as Love in 2013).  More to come?  The Jefferson Starship Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Starship track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1974: Dragon Fly
  • 1975: Red Octopus
  • 1976: Spitfire
  • 1978: Earth
  • 1979: Freedom at Point Zero
  • 1979: Gold
  • 1981: Modern Times
  • 1982: Winds of Change
  • 1982: RCA Special Radio Series Volume 19
  • 1984: Nuclear Furniture
  • 1985: Knee Deep in the Hoopla
  • 1987: No Protection
  • 1989: Love Among the Cannibals
  • 1991: Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979-1991)
  • 1993: Jefferson Starship at Their Best
  • 1993: The Best of Starship
  • 1995: Deep Space/Virgin Sky
  • 1998: Windows of Heaven
  • 1999: Greatest Hits: Live at the Fillmore
  • 2001: Across the Sea of Suns
  • 2000: Live at B. B. King's Blues Club
  • 2000: Live at Vinoy Park
  • 2001: Post Nine 11
  • 2002: UK
  • 2003: Live
  • 2003: Forever Gold
  • 2004: Platinum & Gold
  • 2005: Galactic Reunion Concert
  • 2008: Jefferson's Tree of Liberty
  • 2008: Playlist: The Very Best of Jefferson Starship
  • 2012: Playlist: The Very Best of Starship
  • 2013: Loveless Fascination