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Triumph Band

Like their fellow Canadian band Rush, Triumph was a trio of musicians known for the to notch live performances.  Some of you might wonder why we did not include Triumph in the hair metal section of this website.  We decided the were closer to rock than metal, although some of their songs are certainly heavier than others.  The trio started out playing small gigs like high schools and local bars in the mid 70's, but by 1978, they were headlining at a Canadian rock festival attended by 110,000 fans.

Triumph first landed a record deal in 1976, and their self-titled debut did not do very well.  Their second release, Rock & Roll Machine (1977) did not fair much better, but a couple of songs from the album could be heard on the radio.  Success starting picking up for Triumph with their third release, Just a Game (1979), which featured the Top 40 hit songs "Hold On" and "Lay It On the Line" (probably the most recognized song from the band).  The band continued producing throughout the 1980's, although they had issues with their label.  You may remember the song "Fight the Good Fight" from Never Surrender (1983) and the songs "Spellbound" and "Follow Your Heart" from Thunder Seven (1984).  The Sport of Kings (1986) featured the hit songs "Somebody's Out There" and "Tears in the Rain".

Tensions between members began to reach a boiling point by the late 1980's, and vocalist Rik Emmet left the band to start a solo career.  After finding a new vocalist, Triumph continued on.  The band's last release was in 1993.  At the time of this writing, the Triumph Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Triumph track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1976: Triumph
  • 1977: Rock & Roll Machine
  • 1979: Just a Game
  • 1980: Progressions of Power
  • 1981: Allied Forces
  • 1983: Never Surrender
  • 1984: Thunder Seven
  • 1985: Stages Live
  • 1986: The Sport of Kings
  • 1987: Surveillance
  • 1988: Classics
  • 1993: Edge of Excess
  • 1996: King Biscuit Flower Hour (In Concert)
  • 2003: Live at the US Festival
  • 2004: A Night of Triumph Live
  • 2005: Livin' for the Weekend: Anthology
  • 2006: Extended Versions: Triumph
  • 2010: Greatest Hits Remixed