Tubes, The

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The Tubes Band

The Tubes started out as two separate Arizona bands, one called the Beans, and the other called the Red, White, and Blues Band.  After both bands relocated to San Francisco, they merged, and the Tubes was born (it was 1975).  The band was known for their wild live performances, that included things like tap dancers, acrobats, and even a staged game show.  Some critics have said the Tubes had such creative and theatrical skills, that rock video was their true calling, but that they arrived before MTV.

The Tubes debuted in 1975 with a self-titled album that featured the song "White Punks on Dope", a song that was later covered by Motley Crue.  In 1977, it charted in the UK at 28.  Another song from this album that you may recognize was called "What Do You Want from Life?"  They continued producing throughout the remainder and well into the mid 1980's.  Some more notable songs included "Prime Time" from the album Remote Control (1979), "Don't Want to Wait Anymore" and "Talk to Ya Later" from The Completion Backward Principle (1981), "She's a Beauty" and "The Monkey Time" from Outside Inside (1983), and "Piece by Piece" on Love Bomb (1985).

As the 80's rolled on, things began to come apart for the band as the lead singer left.  The finished the 80's with a new singer, but no new material was released.  In 1993, the original band was back together, and new material was released.  The band was known to still be active into the late 2000's.  The Tubes Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any The Tubes track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1975 The Tubes
  • 1976 Young and Rich
  • 1977 Now
  • 1978 What Do You Want from Live
  • 1979 Remote Control
  • 1981 T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities and Smash Hits)
  • 1981 The Completion Backward Principle
  • 1983 Outside Inside
  • 1985 Love Bomb
  • 1992 The Best of the Tubes
  • 1996 Genius of America
  • 2000 Millennium Collection: The Tubes
  • 2001 The Tubes World Tour 2001 (live)
  • 2002 Hoods from Outer Space
  • 2003 White Punks on Dope
  • 2005 Wild in London
  • 2006 Alive in America
  • 2008 Goin' Down the Tubes
  • 2009 Mondo Birthmark