Top Secret

Top Secret Movie Poster

Top Secret, released in 1984, was created by the same people who created the movie Airplane!  It was, essentially, a parody of WWII era spy movies, with a touch of Elvis Presley.  Top Secret starred Val Kilmer as Nick Rivers (this was Val’s feature film debut), a pop singer who travels to East Germany to perform at a music festival.  The movie faired pretty well with critics (Roger Ebert gave it 3.5/4 stars), and although not a block buster smash, it did make money.

In this movie, Nick Rivers, a 1950’s style rocker on tour in communist East Germany, gets mixed up in the French resistance as he falls in love with a girl name Hillary.  Hillary’s father, a brilliant scientist, is being held captive by East Germans, and the two must rescue him before he is forced to complete a deadly super weapon (the Polaris Mine).