Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills Movie Poster

"The Wilderness Girls' Motto:  Be kind to small animals.  Always put out campfires.  And when in doubt...charge it."  Troop Beverly Hills, a comedy starring Shelley Long as Phyllis Nefler and Craig T. Nelson as Freddy Nefler, was released in 1989.  The movie did not turn a profit, and was not favored by critics.

In this movie, married couple Phyllis and Freddy Nefler have recently separated.  Freddy, a successful business man, feels that his wife is a selfish money waster, who never follows through on any commitment.  To prove him wrong, Phyllis decides to become the den mother for their daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  Knowing nothing about wilderness skill survival, Phyllis instead decides to teach the girls how to survive the wilds of Beverly Hills.  In the process, Phyllis begins to take a legitimate interest in her girls, and things began progressing nicely until a rival scout leader, named Velda, tries to put an end to Phyllis’ unorthodox ways.

 In order to be recognized as a legitimate troop, Troop Beverly Hills must sell enough cookies to earn entry into the scouting Jamboree, whereby they can demonstrate their skills as a new troop.  Velda’s attempt to sabotage the cookie sales fails, and the troop makes it to the Jamboree.  Velda’s further attempts to sabotage the group at the Jamboree also fail, and Troop Beverly Hills ultimately wins the event and is welcomed into the Wilderness Girls scouting family.  In the end, Phyllis continues to lead the troop, as Freddy and Phyllis get back together.