Rose Tattoo

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Rose Tattoo Hair Metal Band

Rose Tattoo was an Australian metal band that formed in Sydney in 1976.  The band was known as much for their many tattoos as they were their heavy metal blues sound.  They became a popular draw at on the Sydney club scene, and fans of AC/DC recommended that AC/DC’s label take a listen.  The band released their first single, “Bad Boy for Love”, in 1977.  The song charted at 19 and started a pretty long career for the band.  Their first album (self-titled) was released the following year, and another song from this album, “Rock N’ Roll Outlaw”, also did very well.  This first album, in addition to their second release, (Assault & Battery - 1981), were both big hits in Europe.

In 1982, the band toured in the USA with Aerosmith and ZZ Top.  Although the tour was not a huge success for the band, they did have an influence on the up and coming sleaze metal scene, influencing future bands like Guns ‘n’ Rose and L.A. Guns.  Some of you may know the Rose Tattoo song “Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock N Roll”, which was later covered by Guns ‘n’ Roses.  By 1987, the band had split, and vocalist Angry Anderson started a solo career (some of you may remember his hit single “Suddenly”).  In 1998, the band reformed, and continued their activity well into the 2010’s.  The Rose Tattoo Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Rose Tattoo track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1978: Rose Tattoo
  • 1981: Assault & Battery
  • 1982: Scarred for Life
  • 1984: Southern Stars
  • 1986: Beats from a Single Drum
  • 1986: A Decade of Rock
  • 1992: Nice Boys Don't Play Rock N Roll
  • 1999: Never Too Loud
  • 2000: 25 to Life Live
  • 2002: Pain
  • 2007: Blood Brothers