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Scorpions Hair Metal Band

The Scorpions had been around much longer than most people realized before their 1980's heyday.  Hailing from Germany, The Scorpions was formed in 1965 by guitarist Rudolf Schenker, who ironically is the only original member of the band.  By 1970, Rudolf's younger brother Michael had joined the band, as well as vocalist Klaus Meine (the vocalist we all know and love). 

The Scorpion's first release was in 1972, called Lonesome Crow, and the band went on tour with UFO to support the album.  Soon after, Michael Schenker was hired by UFO, and The Scorpions broke up.  A few of the members joined a band called Dawn Road, and it wasn't long before so many old Scorpion's rockers where in Dawn Road, including Klaus Meine, that they resurrected the band name "Scorpions".  The rest of the 1970's found the band polishing their metal sound and making a name for themselves.  Some critics consider the bands 1979 release, Lovedrive, to be their magnum opus.  We are not sure about that, but we will give props to some of the great songs that came off this album, including "Loving You Sunday Morning" and "Always Somewhere". 

The 1980's brought The Scorpions huge success.  Their 1980 release, Animal Magnetism, bought us songs like "The Zoo" and "Make It Real".  Their 1981 release, Blackout, featured great songs like "No One Like You" and "Dynamite".  It was the bands 1984 release, Love at First Sting, that propelled the band into worldwide stardom.  This album included songs like "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Big City Nights", "Bad Boys Running Wild", and "Still Loving You".  MTV played the band's music videos heavily.  The band went on to release Savage Amusement in 1988, and Crazy World in 1990 (featured the song "Winds of Change").  

As the years have gone by, the glory days for The Scorpions dried up (sorry, boys, no offense).  Since 1990, they experimented with their sound, which caused them to lose more old fans than they gained new ones.  In the last several years, the band has returned to their metal roots (post 2004).  At the time of this writing, the band could still be found releasing new material and touring the world.

The Scorpions Discography is currently as follows:

Listen for free or download any Scorpions track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1972: Lonesome Crow
  • 1974: Fly to the Rainbow
  • 1975: In Trance
  • 1976: Virgin Killer
  • 1977: Taken by Force
  • 1979: Lovedrive
  • 1980: Animal Magnetism
  • 1982: Blackout
  • 1984: Love at First Sting
  • 1985: World Wide Live
  • 1988: Savage Amusement
  • 1990: Crazy World
  • 1993: Face the Heat
  • 1996: Pure Instinct
  • 1999: Eye to Eye
  • 2000: Moment of Glory
  • 2004: Unbreakable
  • 2007: Humanity Hour I
  • 2010: Sting in the Tail