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Shout Tamplin Christian Metal Band

Ken Tamplin, who is actually Sammy Hagar's cousin, took a bit of a different musical route than the Red Rocker.  Although he started out as a bit of a heathen (drug seller, user, abuser), he reaffirmed his Christian faith at a young and began his journey in towards the Christian metal industry.  In the early days (1987), Tamplin, along with several others from a Christian metal band called "Joshua", founded the Christian band Shout, which met with relative success in the Christian market (the band even won some Dove awards).  Shout released two albums in the 1980's: It Won't be Long (1988) and In Your Face (1989).  An interesting fact about the first album was that Marty Friedman (Cacophony) was a session guitarist for the recording. 

Shout initially split in 1989 as Tamplin started a solo career, but as you can see from the discography below, 1989 was not really the end of Shout.  As the years went on, Tamplin not only continued producing as a solo artist, but also worked as a vocal coach and composer for the big screen.  He is said to be one of a handful of vocalists with a four octave vocal range.

Listen for free or download thousands of 80's metal tracks for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1987: It Won't Be Long (Shout)
  • 1989: In Your Face (Shout)
  • 1990: An Axe to Grind (Tamplin and Friends)
  • 1991: Soul Survivor (Ken Tamplin)
  • 1992: At the Top of Their Lungs (Shout)
  • 1993: Tamplin (Tamplin)
  • 1995: In the Witness Box (Tamplin)
  • 1995: We the People (Ken Tamplin)
  • 1997: Liquid Music Compilation (Ken Tamplin)
  • 1997: The Colors of Christmas (Ken Tamplin)
  • 1999: Brave Days of Old (Ken Tamplin)
  • 1999: It Won't Be Long/In Your Face (Shout)
  • 1999: Shout Back (Shout)
  • 2001: Where Love Is (Ken Tamplin)
  • 2003: Wake the Nations (Ken Tamplin and Friends)

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