Joker's Wild, The

The Joker's Wild Game Show

The Joker's Wild ran at various times throughout the 70's, 80's, and 90's.  The Show ran through 1986 and was hosted by Bill Cullen and Jim Peck.  The game featured to contestants, including a returning champion, to play for cash or other prizes (for example, a contestant would win a new car after 5 consecutive episode wins).

In Joker's Wild, players basically spun a large slot machine with 3 slides with 5 categories each.  The player would pull the slot lever, the slides would stop, the player would choose one of the categories, and the host would ask the player a question in that category.  If the player answered correctly, they banked the value of the question.  The value of a question was based similar to the way a normal slot machine works.  For example, one question and two wild cards were worth more than three categories and no wild cards (the idea was to make pairs or triples).  An incorrect answer would give the opponent the opportunity to steal the money.  First one to $500 one, and they would move to the "Face the Devil" round, where the premise was the same, except this time the player wanted to avoid getting the devil slide.