Battle of the Network Stars

Battle of the Network Stars TV Show

Battle of the Network Stars, which first aired in 1976, is considered by many to be one of the greatest game shows of all time.  The show lasted almost 9 years and was hosted by Howard Cosell.  There were normally two shows per year, one in May and one in December (there was only 1 show in 1985 and 1988).

The show featured celebrities from the big 3 networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) competing in various sporting events.  There were usually 8 or 9 stars per team, and one celebrity would be voted the team captain.  Sporting events were things like kayaking, swimming, golf, tennis, running, obstacle courses, etc.  After the regular events were finished, the lowest scoring network team was dropped, and the victorious team was decided by tug-of-war.  To give you an idea of what celebrities participated, the Dec. 1982 show featured notable stars like William Shatner, Helen Hunt, Heather Locklear, Heather Thomas, Jameson Parker, Melissa Gilbert, and Ricky Schroder.