$100,000 Pyramid, The

The 100,000 Pyramid Game Show

The $10,000 Pyramid originally aired in 1973, but due to inflation, the amounts changed by the time the 80's rolled around.  There was the $20k Pyramid, $25k Pyramid, $50k Pyramid, and even a $100k Pyramid that aired from 1985 to 1988.  Dick Clark was the host of the show most of the 70's and nearly all of the 1980's.

The show featured two contestants, each paired with a celebrity, who tried to guess a series of words or phrases based on clue words given by the celebrity.  For example, if the word was "nurse", the celebrity would give the contestant clue words like "doctor", "hospital", "syringe", "uniform", etc. in hopes that the contestant would say "nurse".  The name of the show was in reference to the pyramid shaped game board that featured 6 categories (3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle and 1 on top).  The contestant ahead after the first round would move to the Winner's Circle, where a number of words would have to be guessed in 60 seconds to win the cash prize.  There were different variations of this depending on which version of the show was being played, but the concept remained the same.