Body Language

Body Language Game Show

Body Language, which first aired in 1984 on CBS, was the second iteration of a charades-based game show called Showoffs (1975).  The show was hosted by Tom Kennedy and featured two teams of players in a game of charades as well as word puzzle solving.  Each team consisted of one celebrity and the winning team could return on subsequent episodes until a financial cap had been met ($64,200 by the time the show was over).  The first team to reach $500 would win the episode and be allowed to try for $10k in the bonus round.

In this game, one player would stand behind a podium, while the other would act out a series of phrases that the other would try to guess (within 60 seconds).  The "actor" would not be allowed to use any props or words to describe a phrase.  The team with the highest number of correctly said phrases would win the round and move on to the puzzle round.  The puzzle round was a phrase with seven blanks, five of which corresponded to correct answers given in round 1 (and these were exposed to the players).  The contestant would have to figure out what the missing 2 letters were to solve the puzzle.