Eddy Grant

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Eddy Grant Singer

Eddy Grant was born in Guyana, but spent most of his childhood in London.  He had his first number 1 hit song way back in 1968, as the lead guitarist for a band called The Equals.  That song, "Baby Come Back", was re-popularized again years later after being covered by Pato Banton.  The Equals had two additional top 10 UK singles.

After a heart attack, Grant left The Equals and focused on song writing.  He formed his own record label, called Ice Records, and started a record-pressing plant. Eddy Grant's first solo, self-titled album was released in 1975.  Grant's 1979 release, Walking on Sunshine, included the UK hit song "Living on the Front Line", while his 1981 release, Can't Get Enough, featured three songs that made the charts in multiple countries:  "Do You Feel My Love", "Can't Get Enough of You", and "I Love You, Yes I Love You".

It was 1982's Killer On the Rampage that brought Grant his first hit in the USA, "Electric Avenue", which charted at no. 2 in both the UK and the USA.  Another song from this album that was a hit in the UK was "I Don't Want Wanna Dance".  The only other Eddy Grant song to chart in the US was "Romancing the Stone" from  1984's Going for Broke.  This song was created for the movie by the same name, but did not appear on the soundtrack.  Other 80's songs that did well in the UK and other European countries include "War Party", "Till I Can't Take Love No More", and "Gimme Hope Jo'anna".

Eddy Grant continued producing music into the 1990's and beyond.  His last studio album, at the time of this writing, was Reparation (2006).  The Eddy Grant Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Eddy Grant track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1975: Eddy Grant
  • 1977: Message Man
  • 1979: Walking on Sunshine
  • 1980: Love in Exile/My Turn to Love You
  • 1981: Can't Get Enough
  • 1981: Live at Notting Hill
  • 1982: Killer on the Rampage
  • 1984: Going for Broke
  • 1984: All the Hits
  • 1986: Born Tuff
  • 1988: File Under Rock
  • 1989: Walking on Sunshine (The Best of Eddy Grant)
  • 1990: Barefoot Soldier
  • 1992: Paintings of the Soul
  • 1993: Soca Baptism
  • 1997: Greatest Hits of Eddy Grant
  • 1999: Hits from the Frontline
  • 1999: Hit Collection
  • 2001: Hearts and Diamonds
  • 2001: The Greatest Hits Collection
  • 2006: Reparation
  • 2008: The Very Best of Eddy Grant - Road to Reparation