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Bonfire Hair Metal Band

Bonfire was a German metal band that formed way back in the early 1970’s as a band called Cacumen.  As Cacumen (which means “top of the mountain” in Latin), the group released their first album in 1981.  By the mid 1980’s, the band had gone through a bit of an image transformation.  At the behest of the record company who signed the band to a new deal, they were asked to change the band’s name.

Bonfire released their debut album in 1986 (Don’t Touch the Light).  Their follow-up album, Fireworks, was released in 1987, and was their best-selling album to date.  Their third release, Point Blank, was released in 1989.  These were the only two released in North America, but there were others.  At the time of this writing in early 2016, Bonfire was still an active band, although the only remaining original member was vocalist Hans Ziller.  Bonfire grew in popularity throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s and was more popular at the time of this writing that at any point in the 1980’s.  They continue cranking out good stuff.

The Bonfire Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Bonfire track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1986: Don't Touch the Light
  • 1987: Fireworks
  • 1989: Point Blank
  • 1991: Knock Out
  • 1993: Live...The Best
  • 1996: Feels Like Comin' Home
  • 1996: Freudenfeuer (German version of Feels Like Comin' Home)
  • 1997: Hot & Slow
  • 1998: Rebel Soul
  • 1999: Fuel to the Flames
  • 2000: Who's Foolin' Who
  • 2001: 29 Golden Bullets
  • 2001: Strike Ten
  • 2002: Live Over Europe!
  • 2003: Free
  • 2004: The Early Days
  • 2005: One Acoustic Night
  • 2006: Double X
  • 2007: Double Vision
  • 2008: The Räuber
  • 2009: You Make Me Feel
  • 2011: Branded
  • 2011: Fireworks Still Alive
  • 2013: Live in Wacken
  • 2013: Schanzerherz
  • 2015: Glörious