April Wine

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April Wine Band

April Wine was a Canadian band that formed way back in 1969 by brothers David and Ritchie Henman.  Many people are curious about the band's name, and the word on the street is that the band called themselves "April Wine" simply because they liked the way the two words sounded together (sorry, nothing more to this story).  April Wine is known as a great live band, and their discography (see below) is a testament to their long history.

April Wine debuted in 1971 with their self-titled release produced by Aquarius Records (featured the song "Fast Train").  Their second release, On Record, featured the hit songs "You Could Have Been a Lady" and "Bad Side of the Moon".  Interestingly enough, founders David and Ritchie Henman eventually left the band, leaving original member Myles Goodwyn to carry the band onward.  Other 1970's songs you might remember from April Wine include "Tonight is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love", "I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love", "Oowattanite", "Like a Lover, Like a Song", "You Won't Dance With Me", "Roller", "Say Hello", and "I Like to Rock". 

In the 1970's, April Wine toured with bands like The Rolling Stones, Styx, Nazareth, and Rush.  In 1981, April Wine released the album Nature of the Beast, which featured great hits like "Just Between You and Me", "Sign of the Gypsy Queen", and "All Over Town".  As the 80's rolled on, touring began taking its toll on the band, and although there were a few additional releases, the band embarked on a successful "Farewell Tour".  It wasn't until 1992 that April Wine formed again, both on stage and in studio.  At the time of this writing in late 2012, April Wine was still active.

At the time of this writing, the April Wine Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any April Wine track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1977: Live at the El Mocambo
  • 1978: First Glance
  • 1979: Greatest Hits
  • 1979: Harder...Faster
  • 1980: Ladies Man EP
  • 1980: Monsters of Rock
  • 1981: Best of April Wine: Rock Ballads
  • 1981: The Nature of the Beast
  • 1981: Review and Preview
  • 1982: Power Play
  • 1984: Animal Grace
  • 1985: One for the Road
  • 1985: Walking Through Fire
  • 1987: The Hits
  • 1987: All the Rockers
  • 1988: We Like to Rock
  • 1989: The First Decade
  • 1990: Oowatanite
  • 1992: The April Wine Collection
  • 1993: Attitude
  • 1994: Frigate
  • 1996: Champions of Rock
  • 1997: Greatest Hits Live 1997/li>
  • 2000: Rock Champions
  • 2001: Back to the Mansion
  • 2002: Classic Masters
  • 2002: I Like to Rock Live
  • 2003: Best of April Wine
  • 2003: Greatest Hits Live 2003
  • 2006: Roughly Speaking
  • 2006: April Wine Rocks!
  • 2009: The Hard & Heavy Collection
  • 2009: Live in London