Dennis DeYoung

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Dennis DeYoung Band

Dennis DeYoung is probably best known as vocalist and one of the founding members of the band Styx (from 1961 until 1999).  DeYoung was the writer and vocalist on a number of Styx hits, such as “Babe”, “Mr. Roboto”, “The Best of Times”, “Don’t Let It End”, “Lady”, “Show Me the Way”, and “Come Sail Away”.  After Tommy Shaw joined Styx, created differences began to arise.  Tensions came to a head after the release of Mr. Roboto (1983), which was mostly DeYoung’s brainchild and hated by Shaw.  After Shaw left Styx in 1984, the band temporarily broke up, and DeYoung started a moderately successful solo career.

In 1984, DeYoung released his first solo album (Desert Moon), which featured the title track as a top ten hit.  DeYoung continued releasing solo albums until the end of the decade, although they were not as successful as this freshman effort.  In 1990, DeYoung returned to Styx given that Shaw was no longer in the band (he was busy with the Damn Yankees).  Fans of Styx will probably like some of DeYoung’s solo work, but not all.  Fans of the softer side of Styx will likely enjoy his solo work more.  We happen to own DeYoung’s 80’s albums because we were huge Styx fans and just couldn’t help ourselves.  DeYoung was still active well into the 2010’s, playing songs from both his solo days and his days in Styx.  The Dennis DeYoung Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Dennis DeYoung track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Desert Moon
  • 1986: Back to the World
  • 1989: Boomchild
  • 1994: 10 on Broadway
  • 1998: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 1999: The Ultimate Collection
  • 2004: The Music of Styx - Live with Symphony Orchestra
  • 2007: One Hundred Years from Now