Cure, The

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The Cure Band

The Cure formed way back in 1976 and hailed from West Sussex, England.  The roots of The Cure can be traced back to 1973, when school mates formed the band The Obelisk, and later as Easy Cure before changing the name to The Cure.  They won a talent contest in 1977 and eventually landed a record deal and debuted in 1979 with the album Three Imaginary Boys (this album was later released in the USA as Boys Don't Cry). 

The Cure's initial effort brought them little fanfare.  Their follow-up release, Seventeen Seconds, was released in 1980.  Some of you may remember the song "The Forest" from this album.  This release, as well as their next two, Faith (1981) and Pornography (1982), were musings into gothic rock.  Despite this foray into the somber, Pornography charted in the top 10 in the UK.  The band was close to burn out when the record company decided it would be a good idea for The Cure to change musical direction.  They released a couple of non-album singles that did well, including "The Walk" and "The Love Cats".  Other notable songs prior to their breakout in the USA include "In Between Days" and "Close to Me"  from their 1985 release The Head on the Door.    

In 1987, the album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me brought The Cure worldwide success.  Some of you will remember the songs "Why Can't I Be You" and "Just Like Heaven".  Disintegration was released in 1989 and was a bit of a return to their gothic days.  The album was a huge hit  and featured the hit songs:  "Lullaby", "Lovesong", "Fascination Street", and "Pictures of You".  The Cure did have a few hits post 1980's, including "High" and "Friday I'm in Love" from Wish in 1992, but shortly after the heyday was over.

The Cure has continued touring and producing over the years, meeting with some success worldwide.  At the time of this writing, the only remaining original member of The Cure was singer Robert Smith.  The current The Cure Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any The Cure track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1979: Three Imaginary Boys
  • 1980: Seventeen Seconds
  • 1980: Boys Don't Cry
  • 1981: Faith
  • 1981: Happily Ever After
  • 1982: Pornography
  • 1983: Japanese Whispers
  • 1984: Concert: The Cure Live
  • 1984: The Top
  • 1985: The Head on the Door
  • 1986: Standing on a Beach (Staring at the Sea)
  • 1987: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
  • 1989: Disintegration
  • 1990: Mixed Up
  • 1991: Entreat
  • 1991: Assemblage CD Collection
  • 1992: Wish
  • 1993: Show Live
  • 1993: Paris Live
  • 1996: Wild Mood Swings
  • 1997: Galore
  • 2000: Bloodflowers
  • 2001: Greatest Hits
  • 2004: The Cure
  • 2004: Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities 1978 to 2001 The Fiction Years
  • 2006: 4play
  • 2008: 4:13 Dream
  • 2011: Bestival Live 2011