Adam Ant

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Adam and the Ants Band

Englishman Stuart Leslie Goddard, AKA Adam Ant, started out with the band Adam and the Ants, and then later as a solo artist.  Adam Ant is known for his string of early 80's hit songs, his long running acting career, and for being voted MTV's sexiest man in America.  It was after a stint in a mental hospital that Goddard changed his name to Adam Ant.  Goddard's first band was called Bazooka Joe, where he played bass guitar.  The Sex Pistols were even billed as the opening act for a Bazooka Joe performance at one point.  After a few years, Goddard formed the band The Ants (1977).

After playing various clubs around London without much acclaim from critics, Adam and the Ants debuted in 1979 with the album Dirk Wears White Sox.  This album did not do well, and after taking some advice to change up the band's sound, Kings of the Wild Frontier was subsequently released in 1980.  You might remember the song "Antmusic" from this release, which charted at no. 2 in the UK.  The album Prince Charming was released in 1981.  This album featured the title track as a hit song as well as "Stand and Deliver" and "Ant Rap".  The wild music videos for these songs, which received heavy rotation on MTV, were the catalyst for Ant's later acting career.

In 1982, Adam dissolved The Ants and went solo.  His first release as a solo artist was Friend or Foe (1982), which featured the hit song "Goody Two Shoes".  Prior to this release, Ant's popularity was primarily in the United Kingdom.  "Goody Two Shoes" charted at no. 1 in the UK and 12 in the USA.  The album also featured the hit song "Desperate But Not Serious".  After a short hiatus to recuperate from a stage injury, Ant teamed up with Phil Collins to release Strip in 1983 (which featured the hit song "Puss 'N Boots".  Vive Le Rock, released in 1984, featured the hit song "Apollo 9".

In 1985, with popularity waning, Adam Ant decided to put his music career on hold to pursue his acting career.  For years henceforth he could be found on stage, on the silver screen, and on television.  In 1990, Ant decided to go back to the music studio, and the album Manners & Physique was released.  Hit songs from this album include "Room at the Top" and "Can't Set Rules About Love".

Although Ant has continued experiencing some legal and mental issues (he is bipolar) since his time in the spotlight, he does continue acting, producing, and performing.  At the time of this writing (2012), Adam Ant was on tour and writing new material.  The current Adam Ant Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Adam Ant track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1979: Dirk Wears White Sox
  • 1980: Kings of the Wild Frontier
  • 1981: Prince Charming
  • 1982: Friend or Foe
  • 1983: Strip
  • 1985: Vive Le Rock
  • 1990: Manners & Physique
  • 1990: Antics in the Forbidden Zone
  • 1993: Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant
  • 1993: B-Side Babies
  • 1995: Wonderful
  • 1999: The Very Best of Adam and the Ants
  • 2001: Antbox
  • 2006: Stand & Deliver
  • 2007: Dandy Highwaymen (the best of)
  • 2012: Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter