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Depeche Mode Band

The roots for Depeche Mode (French for "Fast Fashion") can be dated back to the 1970's, as British schoolmates Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher formed a band called No Romance in China.  After several additional bands and membership changes, Depeche Mode was officially formed in 1980.  Although their first album was recorded in 1980 (called Some Bizarre Album), their first official release was 1981's Speak & Spell, which featured the hit songs "New Life" and "Just Can't Get Enough".

Soon after this successful release, vocalist Vince Clarke left the band and helped form the band Yaz (Yazoo in the UK).  Even without Clarke, Depeche Mode still found success.  There were many additional 80's hit songs, including "See You", "The Meaning of Love", and "Leave in Silence" from 1982's A Broken Frame.  The song "Get the Balance Right" was a non-album hit song in 1982, and "Everything Counts" was released on Construction Time Again (1983).

Until 1983, Depeche Mode's success had primarily been relegated to Europe, Australia, and a few other countries.  That changed in 1984 with their release of Some Great Reward, which featured the hit song "People are People", "Master and Servant", "Somebody", and "Blasphemous Rumours".  Depeche Mode also had two additional non-album hit songs in 1985 with "Shake the Disease" and "It's Called a Heart".  The list goes on:  "A Question of Love", "A Question of Lust", and "Stripped" from Black Celebration (1986), "Stangelove", "Never Let Me Down Again", and "Behind the Wheel" from Music for the Masses (1987), "Personal Jesus", "Enjoy the Silence", "Policy of Truth", and "World in My Eyes" from Violator (1989), and several more well into the 1990s.

The late 80's were the heyday for Depeche Mode in the states.  In 1988, their were 60,453 fans at their Pasadena Rose Bowl performance.  By the mid 1990's, the drug use by vocalist Dave Gahan nearly caused the band to split up, but after rehab, they were back in studio and things continue to look up for the band.  As the years have rolled on, Depeche Mode has continued to produce and tour.  At the time of this writing, the Depeche Mode Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Depeche Mode track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1981: Speak & Spell
  • 1982: A Broken Frame
  • 1983: Construction Time Again
  • 1984: Some Great Reward
  • 1984: People are People
  • 1985: The Singles 81 - 85
  • 1985: Catching Up with Depeche Mode
  • 1986: Black Celebration
  • 1987: Music for the Masses
  • 1987: Greatest Hits of Depeche Mode
  • 1989: 101 Live
  • 1990: Violator
  • 1993: Songs of Faith and Devotion Live
  • 1993: Songs of Faith and Devotion
  • 1997: Ultra
  • 1998: The Singles 86 to 98
  • 2001: Exciter
  • 2001: The Singles 81 to 98
  • 2004: Remixes 81-04
  • 2005: Playing the Angel
  • 2006: Recording the Angel Live
  • 2006: The Best of Volume 1
  • 2006: The Complete Depeche Mode
  • 2006: Touring the Angel Live in Milan
  • 2009: Sounds of the Universe
  • 2009: Recording the Universe Live
  • 2010: Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21.11.09
  • 2011: Remixes 2: 81-11
  • 2013: Delta Machine