Dan Hartman

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Dan Hartman Singer

Pennsylvania's Daniel Earl "Dan" Hartman joined his first band at 13 with his brother.  Eventually, Hartman took on roles with the Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter groups.  Hartman actually wrote the song "Free Ride" for Edgar Winter, which was a huge hit for the band in 1972.  By 1976, Hartman decided to go solo, and his first release, called Who Is Dan Hartman and Why Is Everyone Saying Wonderful Things About Him was a compilation of songs from his earlier gigs.

Also in 1976, Hartman released Images, his first release of new material that featured the heavy hitters Edgar Winter and Ronnie Montrose.  In 1978, Hartman released Instant Replay, the title track of which became a hit both in the USA and the UK.  Many of you will also remember the song "Relight My Fire", which reached no. 1 on the charts in the USA and was featured on the 1979 album by the same name.  Those 80's fans will remember Hartman for his 1984 release, I Can Dream About You, which featured three hit songs:  The title track, "We Are the Young", and "Second Nature".

Dan Hartman did release a few more albums in late 80's, wrote a few songs for a couple of notable movies, and released another album in 1994, but never regained the fame of the early days.  For the most part, the remainder of Hartman's music career was spent as a producer and songwriter.  Hartman died in 1994 of an AIDS complication.  The Dan Hartman Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download thousands of 80's Top 40 tracks for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1976: Who is Dan Hartman?
  • 1976: Images
  • 1978: Instant Replay
  • 1979: Relight My Fire
  • 1981: April Music Recorded Music Library
  • 1982: It Hurts to Be In Love
  • 1984: I Can Dream About You
  • 1986: White Boy
  • 1989: New Green Clear Blue
  • 1994: Keep the Fire Burnin'
  • 2004: Super Hits of Dan Hartman