Status Quo

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Status Quo Band

Status Quo was an English rock band that started back in the early 1960’s and lasted well into the 2010’s.  They released their first album in 1968.  This was the album that featured the hit song Pictures of Matchstick Men, which we really don’t expect any of you 80’s fans to remember.  Other songs of theirs that did well in the 60’s and 70’s included “Ice in the Sun”, “Down the Dustpipe”, “Paper Plane”, “Mean Girl”, “Caroline”, “Break the Rules”, “Down Down”, “Lay Over Lay Down”, “Rain”, “Mystery Song”, “Wild Side of Life”, “Rockin’ All Over the World”, “Again and Again”, “Whatever You Want”, and “Living on an Island”.

The hits kept on rolling in throughout the 1980’s as well across the 7 albums they released.  80’s Status Quo hits you may remember include “What You’re Proposing”, “Lies/Don’t Drive My Car”, “Something ‘bout You Baby I Like”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Dear John”, “Caroline”, “Ol’ Rag Blues”, “A Mess of Blues”, “Marguerita Time”, “The Wanderer”, “Rollin’ Home”, “Red Sky”, “In the Army Now”, “Dreamin’”, “Ain’t Complaining”, “Running All Over the World”, “Burning Bridges (On and Off and On Again)”, and “The Anniversary Waltz”.

In their early days, their music was typical of 60’s rock (like the Beetles), and it progressed as the years went on.  However, even their 80’s stuff was a bit behind the times as far as their music went.  So, if you pick up one of their greatest hits releases, you will be treated to the entire panoply of their career, including their old stuff, and their new stuff, which is a lot like their old stuff…what?  Let’s just say fans of 1970’s and early 1980’s rock will like Status Quo.  At the time of this writing, the Status Quo Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Status Quo track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1968: Picturesque Matchstickable
  • 1969: Spare Parts
  • 1969: Status Quo-Tations
  • 1970: Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon
  • 1971: Dog of Two Head
  • 1972: Piledriver
  • 1973: Hello!
  • 1974: Quo
  • 1975: On the Level
  • 1976: Blue for You
  • 1976: The Rest of Status Quo
  • 1977: Rockin' All Over the World
  • 1977: Live!
  • 1978: If You Can't Stand the Heat
  • 1979: Whatever You Want
  • 1980: Just Supposin'
  • 1980: 12 Gold Bars
  • 1981: Never Too Late
  • 1982: 1+9+8+2
  • 1982: From the Makers of...
  • 1983: Back to Back
  • 1984: 12 Gold Bars Vol. 2
  • 1984: Live At The N.E.C.
  • 1986: In the Army Now
  • 1988: Ain't Complaining
  • 1989: Perfect Remedy
  • 1990: Rocking All Over the Years
  • 1991: Rock ‘til You Drop
  • 1993: Live Alive Quo
  • 1994: Thirsty Work
  • 1996: Don't Stop: The 30th Anniversary Album
  • 1997: Whatever You Want - The Very Best of Status Quo
  • 1999: Under the Influence
  • 2000: Famous in the Last Century
  • 2002: Heavy Traffic
  • 2003: Riffs
  • 2004: XS All Areas – The Greatest Hits
  • 2005: The Party Ain't Over Yet   
  • 2007: In Search of the Fourth Chord
  • 2008: Pictures - 40 Years of Hits
  • 2010: Live at the BBC
  • 2011: Quid Pro Quo
  • 2013: Bula Quo!
  • 2013: Back 2 SQ.1
  • 2013: The Frantic Four Reunion
  • 2014: Acoustic: Stripped Bare
  • 2014: The Frantic Four's Final Fling
  • 2014: Live at the Dublin O2 Arena
  • 2015: Acoustic! Live at the Roundhouse
  • 2015: Accept No Substitute! The Definitive Hits