Rick Astley

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Rick Astley Singer

Great Britain's Rick Astley started singing in the church choir at 10.  As a teenager, Astley was the drummer in a number of local bands, and after dropping out of high school, he played drums in the clubs at night and worked for his father during the day.  It was with the band called FBI that a turn of events put Astley as the lead vocalist, and he caught the attention of RCA records.

Rick Astley released her first album in 1987, called Whenever You Need Somebody.  The album was a huge success, and featured the number 1 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Together Forever", in addition to the UK hits "Whenever You Need Somebody", "When I Fall in Love", and "It Would Take a Strong Strong Man".  Although his 1988 follow up, Hold Me in Your Arms, was not as  big a success at its predecessor, it did feature the hit songs "She Wants to Dance with Me", "Take Me to Your Heart", and "Hold Me In Your Arms".

By the early 1990's, Astley had hooked up with a new label, changed this look, and switched to Soul.  It proved to be a good move, as his 1991 song "Cry for Help" was a big hit.  By 1993, Astley had quit the music industry to focus on his family.  In 2002, he was back, and he continued his activity well into the 2010's.  The Rick Astley Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Rick Astley track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1987: Whenever You Need Somebody
  • 1988: Hold Me in Your Arms
  • 1990: Dance Mixes
  • 1991: Free
  • 1993: Body & Soul
  • 1999: 12" Collection
  • 2000: Together Forever – Greatest Hits and More
  • 2001: Keep It Turned On
  • 2002: Greatest Hits
  • 2003: The Best of Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
  • 2004: Love Songs
  • 2004: The Platinum and Gold Collection
  • 2005: Portrait
  • 2006: Collections
  • 2007: Together Forever – The Best of Rick Astley
  • 2008: Ultimate Collection
  • 2008: Playlist: The Very Best of Rick Astley
  • 2013: My Red Book