Village People, The

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The Village People Band

The Village People was a disco band that officially formed in 1977 after the un-expected success of the first collaborative effort between French composer Jacques Morali and singer/actor Victor Willis.  When the duo realized they had something special on their hands with their self-titled 1977 album, they quickly put together a group of macho dancers.

Although the members of the band shifted some in the early days, their crazy stage get up remained consistent:  Indian, Cowboy, Policeman, etc.  The band's greatest success came in the late 1970's, with songs like "Macho Man", "Y.M.C.A.", "In the Navy", "Go West", and "Ready for the 80's".  Their only true 80's hit was the title track for the album Can't Stop the Music (1980).  Their follow-up 80's releases featured no further hits.

The Village People released no new studio albums after 1985, but did release a few singles here and there.  For the most part, by the early 1980's, disco was done.  Over the years, and well into the 2010's, the Village People have continued their activities.  They released a new single, "Let's Go Back to the Dance Floor", in 2013.  The Village People Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any The Village People track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1977: The Village People
  • 1978: Macho Man
  • 1978: Cruisin'
  • 1979: Go West
  • 1979: Live and Sleazy
  • 1980: Can't Stop the Music
  • 1981: Renaissance
  • 1982: Fox on the Box
  • 1983: In the Street
  • 1984: Live: Seoul Song Festival
  • 1985: Sex Over the Phone
  • 1988: Greatest Hits
  • 1989: Greatest Hits '89 Remixes
  • 1994: The Best of Village People
  • 1998: The Very Best Of
  • 2001: 20th Century Masters, The Millennium Collection ... The Best of Village People