Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam Movie Poster

"In 1965, military D.J. Adrian Cronauer was set to Vietnam to build morale.  His strategy:  keep 'em laughing.  His problem: staying out of trouble.  The wrong man.  In the wrong place.  At the right time."

Good Morning Vietnam was a war comedy released in 1987.  The movie starred Robin Williams as a DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service in Saigon (circa 1965).  The movie also starred Forest Whitaker as Private Eddie Garlick.  The movie was well received, and not only did it do well at the box office, but it is still considered to be one of the funniest movies released by a number of folks.

In this movie, DJ Adrian Cronauer (Williams) is brought to Saigon to work for the Armed Forces radio.  Adrian's superiors soon get agitated with Cronauer for his apparent disregard for Army guidelines for programming.  However, it doesn't take long before higher ups and G.I.'s begin to take a liking to Adrian's humor and Rock and Roll lineup.

After nearly being killed in a bomb explosion at a G.I. hang out, Adrian reports the censored event and is quickly suspended from duty.  G.I.'s demand he put put on back on the air, and eventually they persuade him to return to the microphone.  Adrian's station superiors try to get him killed by sending him off to interview soldiers in a dangerous area, but Adrian manages to survive, and on his return, it is found out that one of his local friends was a VC operative and responsible for the bombing.  Because of this, Adrian is honorably discharged from the Army, and the movie ends with his replacement, Garlick (Whitaker), playing a taped "goodbye" speech from Adrian.