Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck Movie Poster

"Trapped in a world he never made".  Howard the Duck was a science fiction comedy that was released in 1986.  The film was originally intended to be an animated release based on the Marvel comic book also called Howard the Duck.  The movie starred Lea Thompson as Beverly Switzler and Tim Robbins as Phil Blumburtt. The movie received negative reviews across the board, and it was not a profitable movie after adding up sales.

In this movie, Howard lives on the Planet Duckworld, a planet of big, human-like ducks.  Unbeknownst to Howard, scientists on earth have created a dimensional jumping device, which they have pointed at Duckworld and Howard ends up being transported to Cleveland, Ohio (aka Earth).  After using his martial arts skills to rescue Beverly Switzler (Thompson) from crooks, Beverly decides to try to get Howard back to Duckworld by enlisting the help of a scientist named Phil Blumburtt (Robbins).  As Phil works to finding out how to get Howard back to his home planet, Beverly hires Howard as their band manager after he discovers theft by the former manager.

When Phil and some other scientist try to reverse the dimensional jump and send Howard back, the device malfunctions, and one of the scientists is turned into an alien that calls itself the "Dark Overlord of the Universe".  The alien has plans to conquer the world by zapping other aliens into human hosts, and he decides to start with Beverly.  After Howard and Phil stop the Dark Overlord, Howard must make a decision to either destroy the dimensional jump device and stop the alien invasion, or zap himself back to Duckworld and let the Earth perish.  Howard chooses the former, and stays on Earth, as Beverly's no famous band manager.