Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys Movie Poster

"Terri Griffith is about to go where no woman has gone before."  Just One of the Guys was a comedy released in 1985, and was loosely based on the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night.  The movie starred Joyce Hyser as Terry Griffith, an aspiring teenage journalist who feels her work is being rejected due to her being an attractive female.

In the movie, Terri's little brother Buddy (played by Billy Jacoby), and her best friend Denise (played by Toni Hudson), help Terri enroll in a neighboring high school as a boy.  During her experiment, she takes a nerdy boy named Rick under her wing and transforms him into a self-assured hot shot (who she falls in love with).  Between dealing with bullies, her college boyfriend, a blind date with a girl named Sandy, and falling for a new guy, Terri manages to convince everyone she really is "just one of the guys."

In the end, everything comes crashing down at the senior prom.  Rick beats up the school bully, Terri's boyfriend comes to the school and finds out Terri has been cross-dressing, and she exposes herself to Rick, who thinks her big secret all along was that she was a gay man.  A heartbroken Terri returns to her old school, gets the article of her experiences published, and lands the job for the school newspaper that she has always wanted.  In the end, Terri and Rick do end up together after he reads the article.