Jumpin' Jack Flash

Jumpin' Jack Flash Movie Poster

"She didn't know jack about being a spy"...There was a time when Whoopi Goldberg was a big star.  In this 1986 movie, called Jumpin' Jack Flash, Whoopi starred as Teresa "Terry" Doolittle.  Although the movie did turn a profit, it was not a hit with critics.

In the movie, Terry (Whoopi) works at a bank.  She receives a business call from a man calling himself "Jumpin' Jack Flash", who turns out to be a British agent being pursued by the KGB.  Jack asks Whoopi to deliver a coded message to the British Consulate, and then later to his apartment to retrieve information.  The result of all her activity is that she is now under suspicion as a spy herself.

As the movie goes on, Terry finds herself on a while goose chase trying to unravel what is going on and finding out who Jack really is.  Eventually she meets Jack, and continuing to do things for him, including trying to hack the British Consulate's mainframe, she ends up having a number of unpleasant run ins with the KGB.  In the end, she helps save Jack and save the day.