Moving Violations

Moving Violations Movie Poster

Moving Violations was a comedy released in 1985 by the same folks who made Police Academy.  It starred John Murray as Dana Cannon, Jennifer Tilly as Amy Hopkins, James Keach as Deputy Hank Halik, and was even the film debut of Don Cheadle.  The movie did not receive very good reviews, but considering it geared towards teenagers, it ended up doing fairly well at the box office.

The movie follows a group of citizens in a fictitious California town called Birch County who have received enough moving violations to have their cars impounded and be ordered by a judge to attend driving school.  Passing the class gets them their driver's licenses' back, as well as their cars.

Unbeknownst to the driving school attendees, the deputy's at the driving school intend to do all they can to keep the citizens from not only getting their licenses back, but also to keep and sell their cars.  However, the cruel mistreatment by the instructors causes a revolt, and the school attendees go about the business of getting their licenses, getting their cars, and getting even with the deputies.