Mannequin Movie Poster

"When she comes to life, anything can happen".  Mannequin was a 1987 romantic comedy.  Some of you may remember that in 1991, a sequel was released (called Mannequin Two: On the Move).  The movie starred Andrew McCarthy as Jonathan Switcher, James Spader as Mr. Richards, and Kim Cattrall as Emmy Hasure (the mannequin).  Although the movie was a hit at the box office, it was not well received by critics.

In this movie, McCarthy plays the role of Jonathan, a starving artist who is fired from his job of creating mannequins for being too slow on the job (he is an artist, after all).  One mannequin that he created ends up in a department store window, where Jonathan gets a job as a stock clerk.  This particular mannequin happens to be possessed by an ancient Egyptian Princess named Emmy, who was transported, through time, into the mannequin after she prayed to the gods to save her from an arranged marriage.

Jonathan arranges the mannequin in the store window in a number of extraordinary ways, enough to attract the attention of many people and garner Jonathan the vice presidency of the company.  What he does not tell anybody is that the mannequin comes to life as Emmy when he is alone with it, and he falls in love with her.  When a rival department store steals Emmy, Jonathan must rescue his love before she is incinerated, and in the process, she comes to life, permanently, in his hands.  In the end, the two are married and life is good.