Married to the Mob

Married to the Mob Movie Poster

"Angela always wanted to give marriage a shot".  Married to the mob was a 1988 comedy that starred Michelle Pfeiffer as Angela de Marco and Matthew Modine as Agent Mike Downey.  The movie was well received by critics, receiving nominations for Best Support Actor (Academy Awards) and Best Actress (Golden Globe Awards).  It was not a huge success at the box office, but the movie did double its money.

In this movie, Angela de Marco (Pfeiffer) is the wife of a mobster named Frank "the cucumber" de Marco (played by Alec Baldwin).  When Frank is killed by his boss, Tony "the tiger" Russo (played by Dean Stockwell), Angela decides it is time to get away from the mob.  However, to complicate matters, Tony is romantically interested in Angela, Tony's wife thinks they are involved together, and Agent Downey (Modine), who has been assigned to tail her, finds himself falling in love with her too.  Angela's attempt to extricate herself from this tangled situation provides for great comic relief.