Porky's Movie Poster

"Keep an eye out for the raunchiest movie about students ever made!"  The original Porky's movie, released in 1981, is probably one of the most recognized, testosterone laden comedies from the 80's.  Although the original movie received mixed reviews from critics (Siskel and Ebert said it was the worst film of 1982), it made enough money to warrant to sequels:  Porky's 2:  The Next day, was released in 1982, and Porky's Revenge was released in 1985.

In the original, 6 high school buddies, aiming to "score," decide to hang out at the local strip joint called "Porky's", where they think they will be able to hire a prostitute.  When Porky rips them off, and the nepotistic police department also treats the boys poorly, they decide to get even.  They basically end up destroying the club, but get away with it due to their age and the fact that Porky's let them in to begin with.