Creepshow Movie Poster

Creepshow as a horror anthology film written by Stephen King.  It contained a number of vignettes and starred some big names like Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, and even Stephen King himself.  The movie received mostly positive reviews, with even big names like Roger Ebert giving it his endorsement.  Ultimately, it was a profitable movie at the box office.  It was popular enough to warrant a few sequels.  Creepshow 2 was released in 1987, and Creepshow III in 2006.

There were a total of five vignettes, loosely tied together by animated sequences and book ended by a young boy named Billy being told the stories by the Creepshow comic book skeleton creature.  Billy had been sent to his room by his abusive father who told him not to be reading that comic book filth.  The first vignette, called “Father’s Day”, is about a murdered father who returns to take revenge on his killer.  The second, called “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill”, is about a nerdy guy (played by Stephen King) who finds a meteor that causes him to grow into a plant and force him into suicide.  The third vignette, called “Something to Tide You Over”, is about a rich man who decides to kill his wife and her love by burying them in the sand, with only their heads sticking up, at low tide.  The fourth vignette, called “The Crate”, is about a man who finds a terrible beast inside a crated box and decides to kill his wife by coaxing her into it.  The final vignette, called “They’re Creeping Up on You”, is about a cruel businessman who is killed by cockroaches in his hermetically sealed apartment.

The movie ends with garbage men finding the Creepshow comic that Billy was reading, in the trash can, and noticing the voodoo doll order form was missing.  In the house, Billy’s father screams with pain, grabbing for his neck, as Billy pokes needles jabs at the doll.