Fly, The

The Fly Movie Poster 1986

The Fly was an award winning 1986 sci-fi horror remake of a 1958 movie by the same name.  The movie starred Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle, John Getz as Stathis Borans, and Gena Davis as Veronica Quaife.  The film was not only a hit with critics of the time, but also a huge box office success, and is still considered by some to be one of the scariest movies ever produced.  A sequel, Fly II, was released in 1989.  Although it was a financial success, it was not a hit with critics.

In the original movie, scientist Seth Brundle (Goldblum) is in the process of perfecting a teleportation device (like Star Trek).  While still under wraps, Brundle shows the device to a journalist named Veronica (Davis), who agrees not to discuss the device to the public as long as she is given exclusive rights to the story when it was time to divulge.  At first, Brundle is only able to transport inanimate objects, but during a romantic encounter with Davis, he has a brainstorm that inspires him to reconfigure the device and successfully teleport a baboon.  In a drunken and emotionally distraught super, Brundle decides to conduct a human test trial, using himself as the subject.  What he does not know is that a fly gets into the tele-pod with him, and their DNA is subsequently fused together during the process.

At first, Brundle thinks the teleportation process has enhanced his physical health.  But before long, he begins to exhibit signs of manic behavior, arrogance, and aggressiveness.  He soon realizes, as his body begins to metamorphose, that a fly was in the transporter.  He begins to turn more and more into a fly.  To make matters worse, Veronica finds out she is pregnant by Brundle, and not knowing if the pregnancy took place before or after Bundle’s transport, she plans to abort the pregnancy.  In a last ditch effort, Bundle plans on fusing himself, Veronica, and the unborn baby together using the teleporter.  In the end, Bundle is unable to carry out his plan, and after being fully transformed and injured during a botch port, Veronica ends his life, at his request, via shotgun.