Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Movie Poster

"They were warned...They are doomed...And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them".  There were a total of 12 Friday the 13th movies released from 1980 to 2009 (8 were released in the 1980's).  The first Friday the 13th was released in 1980.  The movie received negative reviews from critics, but has since gained a bit of a cult following.  The entire franchise is classic 80's.  Regardless of the critics in 1980, the movie was a low budget film that made a mega-huge profit for Paramount.

The movie begins in 1958, with two Camp Crystal Lake counselors sneaking off for a quick rendezvous in the woods only to be brutally murdered.  Fast forward to 1979, and Camp Crystal Lake is being re-opened, regardless of the eerie warnings from the locals.  All the camp counselors will are to be employed when the camp re-opens begin making repairs, and slowly they get killed, one by one in the most gruesome of fashion.

It turns out that the killer was a woman named Pamela Voorhees, who is taking revenge for the untimely death of her son, Jason, who drowned in the lake.  In the end, only one camp counselor lived to tell the tale, and Pamela ended up dead.  In the second movie, and beyond, it is a grown up version of Jason Vorhees that does the killing, and the second movie begins with him killing the only surviving camp counselor from the original flick.