Critters Movie Poster

"The battle began in another galaxy.  It's about to end in the Brown's backyard."  Critters was a 1986 science fiction horror flick that has become an 80’s era cult classic.  Although the film received mixed reviews, it ended up being a box office success.  Producers deemed it worthy enough for a number of sequels:  Critters 2 was released in 1988, Critters 3 in 1991, and Critters 4 in 1991.

In this movie, a group of very nasty aliens, called Crites, are being transported from one site to another on a prison asteroid in outer space.  A couple of the Crites manage to stage an escape, and a group of them abscond with a ship and set off to, where else, Earth!  In hot pursuit are two bounty hunters hired by the leader of the prison station to track down the escapees.

The Crites manage to crash land near the rural Kansas farm house of the Brown family, who sets out to investigate the crashing “comet”.  In the meantime, the Critters are hungry, and they go about the business of eating everything in their path, from cows to police officers.  The rest of the movie is the Brown family’s battle against the Critters.  In the end, the bounty hunters and the Browns destroy the Critters as they try to blast off in their ship.  The bounty hunters leave the Brown’s with a device to help rebuild the damage caused, and the movie ends with a cut to the barn, where Critter eggs can be seen (hence the sequels).