Fog, The

The Fog Movie Poster

“What you can’t see won’t hurt you…it’ll kill you.”  The Fog was a John Carpenter film released in 1980.  The movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis as Elizabeth Solley, Adrienne Barbeau as Stevie Wayne, Janet Leigh as Kathy Williams, and Tom Atkins as Nick Castle.  Although the movie received mixed reviews, it was a money maker.  In 2005, Carpenter released a remake of the film.

The movie starts with the centennial celebration of a seaside town called Antonio Bay, when weird things begin happening.  It turned out that 100 years earlier (1880), a group of six guys with leprosy had intention of settling a new colony near Antonio Bay.  Because current residents of the area did not like this idea, they had the Leper’s ship, called the Elizabeth Dane, sunk by means of trickery.  After plundering the ship’s gold, it was used to further the development of the city of Antonio Bay.  Once a fog began rolling in, people began losing their lives.

It turned out that hidden in the fog was the Elizabeth Dane and her deceased crew, out to take revenge for their murders in 1880.  According to the haunted crew, revenge could only be obtained if six people died, so they went about their murderous rampage until they reached that number.  After getting back their fold and killing their 6th person, the ghosts retreat back into the hell from whence they came.