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Icehouse Band

Australia's Icehouse formed in 1977 as a band called Flowers.  Flowers built up a large following on the Sydney pub circuit as a talented cover band.  After being singed by an independent label, they released their first hit single, "Can't Help Myself", in 1980.  The song was featured on their first studio album, which happened to be called Icehouse.  This hit album also featured the hit songs "We Can Get Together" and "Walls".  In 1981, Flowers signed with Chrysalis Records, and had to change their name to Icehouse for legal reasons.  Flowers albums were subsequently re-released as Icehouse albums.  Another popular Australian song was "Love in Motion", which was a non-album single.

In late 1981, Icehouse broke up.  Vocalist Iva Davies began working on a solo project.  He went ahead and released his first would-be solo album, Primitive Man (1982), under the Icehouse name.  This album was more successful outside of the USA, although the song "Hey Little Girl" did chart in the Top 40.  Davies then brought back the old band for a tour and Icehouse was back in business.

As the 80's rolled on, Icehouse continued releasing new material.  Although many of their songs only charted in Australia and New Zealand, many became international hits.  The album Sidewalk (1984) featured the songs "Taking the Town" and "Don't Believe Anymore", "No Promises" was released on Boxes (1985), "Baby, Your'e So Strange" and "Mr. Big" from Measure for Measure (1986), "Crazy", "Electric Blue", "Nothing Too Serious", and the title track from their best selling album Man of Colours (1987), and "Touch the Fire" from Great Southern Land (1989).

Post 1990, Icehouse had no further significant chart success (with the exception of "Miss Divine" on 1990's Code Blue).  As the years have rolled on, Icehouse has continued to tour and produce new material.  At the time of this writing in late 2013, it was known that Icehouse had been on tour as late as 2011.  The Icehouse Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Icehouse track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1980: Icehouse
  • 1982: Primitive Man
  • 1983: Fresco
  • 1984: Sidewalk
  • 1986: Measure for Measure
  • 1987: Man of Colours
  • 1987: Icehouse: Live at the Ritz
  • 1989: Great Southern Land
  • 1990: Code Blue
  • 1992: Masterfile
  • 1993: Big Wheel
  • 1993: Spin One
  • 1994: Full Circle
  • 1995: The Berlin Tapes
  • 1995: The Singles
  • 1996: Love in Motion
  • 1997: No Promises
  • 2002: Meltdown
  • 2004: Heroes
  • 2011: Icehouse - 30th Anniversary Edition
  • 2011: White Heat: 30 Hits