Jack Wagner

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Jack Wagner Singer

Missouri's Peter John "Jack" Wagner (the 2nd), was probably better known as a soap opera actor than a singer.  He has been a star on shows like General Hospital (Frisco Jones), Santa Barbara (Warren Lockridge), and in the 1990's as Dr. Peter Burns on Melrose Place.  From 2003 to 2012, he played the role of Nick Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful.  In 2013, his role as Frisco Jones was resurrected for short time again on General Hospital.

Like a number of 80's singers, Wagner was an actor before he tried his hand at pop music, at least from a professional perspective.  In reality, Wagner had began playing guitar as a young teenager, and his connections as an actor in the early 1980's put him touch with the right people to help him release his first album.  Wagner's first release, All I Need, was released in 1984.  The title track from this album became a number one hit.  Wagner's follow up release, Lighting up the Night (1985), featured the hit song "Too Young" and "Love Can Take Us All the Way".  His last album in the 80's, Don't Give Up Your Day Job (1987), was not as successful.

Post 1980's, Jack Wagner released a couple of more albums, the latest in 2005 (Dancing in the Moonlight).  He had a downloadable iTunes single in 2012 called "Will the Rain Fall Down".  Likely we will be seeing more from Jack.  The Jack Wagner Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Jack Wagner track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: All I Need
  • 1985: Lighting Up the Night
  • 1987: Don't Give Up Your Day Job
  • 1993: Alone in the Crowd
  • 2005: Dancing in the Moonlight